Terror danjah acid - proplus

Billed our night as a ‘chronological history of soul’ with the dj collective taking you on a journey through four decades of the very best soul, funk, electric disco and hip-hop with a touch of smooth r&b and some big house classics.

In 2003, art contributions came from: Cauac-Syd Klinge, Corndog and the Chaplain of Sparceland, Join Chunks, Nair B & Lovely, Magic Glasses, Facility 3 Artists and Joe Mangrum , Space Cowboys, Madagascar, 1Sky's HypKnowTron, Howard Hollis+Max Miceli, Christian Ristow, Bio-Fuel Bus, Joe Bard & Danya Parkinson, Finley Fryer, Buckethead, Mutaytor, String Theory, Arcadian Circle. The art was curated by Philip Blaine.

Terror Danjah Acid - ProPlusTerror Danjah Acid - ProPlusTerror Danjah Acid - ProPlusTerror Danjah Acid - ProPlus